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im out of earphones and out of money, what to do, any suggestions

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人生很脆弱。珍惜眼前人。用心去愛人。(ღ˘⌣˘ღ) ♡

Life is very fragile. Appreciate those around you. Use your heart to love a person.


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[UPDATE] South Korea Ferry Disaster - “The Day Korea Stopped”




On the field of Dan-Wan (단원), AKA the school of the graduate students who were aboard on the Sewol, hundreds of people gathered from 8PM on April 17th (their time), to light candles and express their worry. 

During the time it was raining, however, instead of using candles, they used their smartphones to light up the field. 

Some of the messages written for the still-missing victims are heart-breaking. 

One mother wrote: 

배고프지? 엄마랑 밥 먹자’

You’re hungry, right? Let’s eat together soon. 

One student wrote: 

제발 언니, 오빠들이 무사히 돌아올 수 있기만을 바랄 뿐…..; 제발 모두 살아서 돌아오기를 바란다

Please, I only want my sisters [female graduates], brothers [male graduates] to come back safely…..; Please, I pray that they all return alive.

(Please keep in mind that sisters also mean older females and likewise with brothers. in Korea) 

One older brother wrote:

동생들이 비가 오는 밤 배안에서 춥지는않을지, 배는 고프지 않을지 걱정된다”고 눈물을 보였다.

In a rainy weather such as this, I worry that my younger siblings may be cold or hungry while in the ship. 

Another wrote: 

날씨도 추운데 배안에서 구조의 손길을 기다릴 학생들을 생각하니 눈물만 나온다 

If I think about the students who are waiting for the rescuers in the ship during this cold weather, only tears come out. 

Please remember to keep not only the victims in your prayers but also the families, friends, and the whole country. The school is closed until next week Wednesday due to not being able to focus from the tragedy.

Please also be wary that this topic may be a trigger topic to many people (me included) and may take it very seriously if read on their dash. When I first read this article, I burst into tears during class and had to go to the sick room. If I read about anything of this sort on my dashboard, I immediately feel light headed and tears overwhelm me. Please be cautious before reblogging. I simply want to share these quotes.

Read the article here [Korean Naver]. 

Current Stats: 

475 Total Aboard
Time: 41 Hours
Dead: 18 24 25
Missing: 278 272 271
Rescued: 179
As written here (4/17/2014, 11:40PM) As updated on KBS twitter. As updated on SBS twitter

Please excuse my terrible english, it’s not my first language. 

For more translated updates on this disaster, you can click here for the tag. 

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Your idols will still have their comeback, but not all of these people get to comeback to their families.

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Pray for South Korea

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why did egyptians shave their heads regularly

to be more pharohdynamic



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© msgubeiyan

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"After my last audition for Game of Thrones, they said, "Congratulations, princess. I was like, "Bye-bye, call centre."— Emilia Clarke for Flare Magazine (April 2014)

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…so what does that make sehun and chanyeol? (¬‿¬)

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"so, who is the gayest in exo?"


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